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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Magic Hand's Rug Works and Services?

We are fourth generation Master Rug Cleaning, Care and Repair Specialists, hailing from a family business established in 1910, with over a hundred years of rug knowledge, skills and expertise.

Our British company has a long-standing reputation of service excellence, and its success has made us the UK’s foremost rug cleaners and rug repairers and restorers in London, Surrey, Oxfordshire and the surrounding Home Counties.

We are proud to work with Harrods, The Rug Company and Paul Smith among notable others in the cleaning care and preservation of their customers’ rugs.

Our rug cleaning works and treatments and our rug repairs, alterations and restoration works are undertaken in our custom-built Rug Cleaning and Repair Studio premises in London - of more than 25 years standing - so you can be assured all rug works are safely under one roof and in the hands of the rug professionals!

Is my rug or Persian or Oriental carpet or tapestry worth cleaning and/or restoring?

As Rug Care and Conservation Specialists, we believe that every rug, Persian or Oriental Carpet or tapestry is a treasured piece of weaving craftsmanship, which benefits from professional conservation and preserved care throughout its lifetime.

Our specialist rug cleaning and repair works will ensure your rug, carpet or tapestry will be thoroughly conditioned, rejuvenated and conserved to last even longer.

We suggest that customers consider factors such as the retail value of the item and the cost of replacing it, as well as its historic worth and sentimental value.

We can also help with a verbal appraisal and even a professional-certified Rug Valuation, but only the owner can assess its personal value.

How often should my rug or Persian or Oriental carpet be cleaned?

We recommend that rugs, runners, Persian and Oriental Carpets placed in either a hallway, kitchen, living room or dining room are professionally cleaned at least once a year, while those laid in a bedroom or study are cleaned every two to three years. This will ensure the weaving yarn fibres stay  conditioned during wear, and the piece is safe to use.

Do you clean Tapestries and how often should they be cleaned?

As Tapestry Care and Preservation Specialists, we offer gentle hand-wash cleaning, repairs and restoration works for all types of Belgian and Flemish Tapestries and French Aubusson or Savonnerie carpets.

We also periodically clean more fragile tapestries, such as curated pieces on display in Museums, Stately Homes, Private Collections and Royal Residences, where our professional care is available for all types of tapestries.

We advise our customers that they preserve these more delicate weavings with cleaning, at least once a year.

Can Magic Hand give me a quotation for rug works over the phone?

We do not give verbal works quotes over the phone due to the varied nature and level of works involved, and where the first step in the process is an 'Assessment for Works', which is undertaken before any works begin.

We are here to help get your rug works actioned as quickly as possible, so please contact us to discuss the works needed, so we can begin the process of caring for your rug.

How quickly can my rug or Persian or Oriental carpet be cleaned?

We will endeavour to book a rug uplifting and cleaning appointment for your piece(s), within 24hrs of contacting us. We can issue a ‘priority’ order for your rug cleaning works, and depending on the rug’s yarn type and the works needed, we can action and complete the works within approximately four days.

Please note: this estimate is for general cleaning only and does not include fringe or stain treatment applications, where the process will take longer, if these works are needed.

Does Magic Hand offer a rug uplifting, collection and delivery service at the weekend?

Yes, we offer a weekend service, with flexible time slots. However, we request that customers contact us at least three working days in advance, as this service is based on our availability at the time of booking. Please contact us for more information.

How do I prepare my rug or Persian or Oriental carpet for uplift and collection?

There is no special preparation. Our courier will move any furniture that does not require more than one person.

For heavier furniture items such as tables, beds, cupboards and drawer units that are standing on the rug or carpet, we kindly request that you contact us prior to your collection appointment.

We would also advise that you remove any small objects or breakables and pets from the room, before we arrive.

Is there a direct line I can ring with a specific question about my rug cleaning booking?

Please visit our contact page and call the number for your area.  Alternatively, you can email us and your question will be answered as soon as possible.

How does Magic Hand clean rugs, Persian and Oriental Carpets?

You can find out more by viewing our 'Specialist Rug Cleaning' page, for our rug and Persian and Oriental carpet cleaning works and services.

Is your rug cleaning eco-friendly?

All our rug cleaning solutions are certified and our rug-wash formulas are non-abrasive and natural. They are continuously tested for safety for adults, children, animals and the environment. So, you can be sure that our cleaning is all natural and eco-friendly.

My rug has stains, does your company guarantee complete stain removal?

As some stains are old or entrenched, and depending on the type of rug weave, yarn type, dye fixing and the type of stain, we cannot give a 100 per cent guarantee for stain removal.

We do, however, treat a wide variety of stains on many different rug types, where the majority of stains can be alleviated and improved – up to 99 per cent in many cases. A more exact assessment can be made, when the rug is reviewed during the initial rug works inspection process.

Can you assure me that my expensive/antique/rare rug can be cleaned and repaired safely?

We are fourth generation Rug Care and Conservation Specialists, with years of professional experience in handling, cleaning and repairing our customers’ antique and rare rugs.

We thoroughly inspect each rug before any works begin. We assess its needs and highlight any issues needing specialist treatment, which is relayed to you before the process begins. Spot tests are also undertaken if needed to assess for colour run and dye fixing. Our knowledge and expertise is your assurance that your antique or rare rug is in the safe hands of rug professionals!

Can you treat pet odours and urine in a rug, and when should i contact you for help?

Yes, we can treat both. The deodoriser in our rug cleaning solutions will eliminate most general pet odours. However, lingering odours, unsightly stains and saturated residual urine need to be specifically treated, so try to contact us as soon as possible. Our applied stain and odour corrective treatments are guaranteed to alleviate and improve stains up to 85 per cent. However, in most cases that we deal with, stains can improve and lighten up to 99 per cent.

Will the full immersion wash process be safe for my rug or Persian or Oriental Carpet?

Yes! This the safest and most thorough way to deep clean a rug. We do not use hot water or harsh abrasive chemicals, just a combination of pre-softened cold water and our mild, pH-balanced rug wash formulas that thoroughly cleanse, while also being friendly to the environment, adults, children and pets. By fully immersing the rug in water, we are able to completely remove and flush through all contaminant build-ups and dirt accumulations, leaving your rug in a super-clean, safe-to-use, silky-soft condition. We also treat rug fringes and get them really clean using this process.

Can you treat and remove wine, ink, tea, food spills and coffee stains?

Yes, we can treat all of these stains. However, due to the nature of stains and certain rug types, all stains have to be assessed and reviewed before any treatment works are undertaken. Our applied stain corrective treatments are guaranteed to alleviate and improve stains up to 85 per cent. However, in most cases that we deal with, stains can improve and lighten up to 99 per cent.

How will Magic Hand return my rug, Persian or Oriental Carpet, or Tapestry?

Upon completion of rug works, all finished pieces are carefully rolled, wrapped and secured in our protective plastic tubing for return delivery. Very large pieces are return delivered as folded. You can always discuss these packaged options with us, so please let us know. As an added bonus, cleaned rugs can also be stored in their protective wrapping for up to three years, without any worry of moth infestations occurring.

Do you provide insurance replacement valuations?

Yes we do. As Rug Care and Conservation Specialists, we have extensive knowledge and many years’ of professional experience in undertaking and providing insurance-approved, replacement valuations for rugs, Persian and Oriental Carpets and Tapestries. We have helped facilitate many of our customers in making successful claims. A variation of this form can also be undertaken for Loss Adjustment Reporting purposes. Please contact us for more information or to book an appointment.

How can I prevent my rug from slipping underfoot and moving around when I walk on it?

As rug care specialists we would suggest you use professional anti-slip rug underlay, which we we supply, that eliminates and prevents the above problems from occurring. Underlay also protects and cushions the rug’s foundation underside, by distributing the weight more evenly, thereby prolonging its use on the floor. We supply and cut-to-size underlay for all types of rugs and runners including Nepalese, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, Persian and Oriental carpets, as well as Kilims, Savonneries and Aubussons. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for rug protection.

Is there a way to display my rug on a wall, and will it get damaged if it is hung?

At Magic Hand, we have devised a durable and concealed wall hanging method that has proved very popular with customers who like to have their rug or textile displayed on the wall.

Our rug hanging technique is safe to apply and suitable for all types of rugs, tapestries and textiles and can be made in any size. Works are applied by hand to ensure the weave foundation is supported and the casing secure - without any damage to the weave threads or structure.

Once in place, the weaving lies flush to the wall surface and can be mounted on either picture hooks or screws secured to a wall. The hanging rail can be easily removed from its casing and the piece will lie flat or to allow for cleaning or shaking out when needed.

We are happy to discuss your rug wall hanging requirements, so please contact us

Can Magic Hand re-size my rug to fit my chosen space?

Yes, we can. We offer a Rug or Persian and Oriental Carpet Alterations Service. Cutting-to-size to fit a room or around furniture, re-shaping around a specific design or re-sizing / reducing a rug to fit a specific room or wall size. Please contact us so that we can help you further with your Alterations Project.

Is Magic Hand insured?

From the moment we collect a rug for works until it is returned delivered – Customers' rugs are safe and protected in our care.

does magic hand offer rug cleaning and repairs in-situ?

Magic Hand's rug works and services need to be undertaken professionally in our specially adapted Rug Cleaning, Repair and Restoration Studios. Here our de-dusting works, full immersion deep-wash facilities, specially devised drying and heating system, and bespoke specialist Repairs and Restoration tools, ensure that every rug, Persian or Oriental Carpet and Tapestry is professionally treated in a suitable rug works environment.

Are stain treatments included in general rug cleaning and what is the cost?

All weavings needing our Stain / Odour / Fringe Treatments are first assessed, where treatments are then specifically applied to problem areas and flushed through – before general cleaning works are undertaken. Due to the wide range of problems and the time needed to apply various treatments, these works are not included in the general Rug Cleaning works. Customers are advised of any stains needing treatments and the costs after the initial rug assessment, where these works are included on the rug cleaning invoice.

How and when is payment made to Magic Hand?

We send a text/email notifying the customer rug works have been completed and ready for payment and return delivery. Payment is made via Bank Transfer or via phone using a secure card payment device, where receipt of payment is sent by post.

Are Repair and Alteration Works undertaken by machinery or by hand?

Magic Hand's Repair, Restoration and Alteration works are traditionally hand-crafted and individually and meticulously applied by hand to each piece needing works, where occasional hand-held tools are needed for specific works, within the job. 

can rug cleaning works be undertaken at home?

To ensure customers' rugs are thoroughly cleaned and dried, our de-dusting, stain treatments, hand-washing, deep wash cleaning and drying works can only be undertaken in our specially adapted Rug Cleaning Studios, so that every rug in our hands is professionally treated in a suitable and safe rug works environment.


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