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Magic Hand Ltd Professional Deep-Wash Cleaning, Stain Removal Treatments & Corrective Treatment Services
As award-winning Rug Specialists and Master Rug Craftsmen, we undertake a full range of expert rug repairs, rug restoration and cut-to-size rug alterations services, as well as professional RugRescue deep-wash cleaning and stain & odour corrective treatment services for all types of damaged, stained and dust-worn rugs, oriental carpets, kilims and tapestries. We also provide professional Written Rug Valuations, a Rug & Textile Wall Hanging Technique, Anti-slip Rug Underlay and Collection & Return Delivery Services. FOR A RUG WORKS & C&RD QUOTE: text: 07904 523 636 or email:, with your weaving's sizes and yarn type, and your name, address & post code details included. Please review our most up to date Conditions and Terms of Business web page, when placing your works order. Thank you.
transform your stained, soiled, dusty and allergen-filled rugs into silky soft weavings, with trusted and reliable award-winning rug cleaning professionals.
We provide professional deep-wash cleaning and applied stain and odour treatment works and services for all types of rugs, Oriental carpets, kilims, silks, aubussons, tapestries, wall hangings, decorative weavings and investment pieces, as well as large and room-sized pieces.

Over the years, your rug traps all kinds of dust, dirt, allergens, moth and debris that vacuuming along cannot remove. Our professional de-dusting and cleaning service can overcome ALL of these problems, to shake out, flush away and get rid of this accumulated build-up. We deep-wash clean a variety of wool, silk, flat-weave and thick-pile rugs, to ensure colours are revived, the pile cleansed and the original lustre restored. While our applied stain and odour correct treatments alleviate and improve any long-standing, deeply absorbed or saturated stubborn stains, odours and colour-run.

Magic Hand Ltd’s Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning System
was developed by our company's family of four generations of Master Rug Craftsmen and Cleaning Experts. Our intensive 10-step de-dusting and deep-wash rug cleaning process combines eco rug-wash formulas with traditional hand washing and specially-devised rug cleaning equipment, to thoroughly penetrate and deep-cleanse your weavings, giving a better conditioned and more complete clean, leaving pieces cleansed and feeling silky soft. Our unique Rug Cleaning System cleanses, rejuvenates and restores the lustre of your weavings to last longer with great results!

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Our Professional Rug Cleaning System can treat the following problems:
Food & drink spills and stains
Colour run and colour bleeding
Pet-soiled stains and odours
Moth damage and infestations
Flood water, mould and damp damage
Deeply ingrained stains
Red wine stains and odours
Dusty, lack-lustre pile and compacted allergens
Spilt ink or shoe polish
Flea or Carpet Beetle infestations
Blood spills and grass stains
Accumulated dirt, grit and debris
Smoke stains, soot marks and odours
Chewing gum, lipstick and adhesives
Melted wax or encrusted mud
Baby-soiled stains and odours

Whether your piece is hand-made, machine-made or hand-tufted, contemporary, traditional, antique, or rare and whatever the size, Magic Hand Ltd's Rug Cleaning Specialists will ensure it is thoroughly cleaned to the highest professional standard! All cleaning works, and stain/odour corrective treatments are applied and undertaken in our custom-built Rug Cleaning Studios.

to book our cleaning works and services for your pieces TEXT: 07904 523 636
The Professional Rug Cleaning 10-Step System
Secure holes or damaged edges & sides to prevent further unraveling in the cleaning process
Pre-heat the rug or carpet (important second step)
De-dust thoroughly to remove grit and dirt build-up, with our professional rug vibro-deduster
Apply stain/odour corrective treatments (re-apply in stages during cleaning process)
Prepare our natural, rug-cleaning solutions and apply by hand
Deep wash the piece using our eco-friendly, rug-cleaning formulae
Rinse thoroughly with clean, fresh water
Remove excess water residue with our specialist rug water extraction process
Place the damp piece in our custom-built rug drying system
Brush, buff up and 'polish' the pile to remove any wool/silk residue and 're-lay the knap'

All rugs, carpet and tapestry works booked for our Cleaning, Stain and Odour Corrective Treatment Services are undertaken in Magic Hand Ltd's custom-built Rug Cleaning Studios. Customers' pieces are booked on pre-arranged dates and then collected for rug works. Upon completion of rug works, customers are notified and contacted for payment of works. Once payment has been processed, a return delivery date is booked for the drop-off of customers' pieces, with the paid invoice and card payment receipt attached to the pieces(s) returned. All collections and return deliveries are undertaken either by us or our third-party couriers on booked, pre-arranged dates.

Rug works and service costs are fully reviewed and assessed when collected piece(s) arrive at our Magic Hand Ltd Rug Studios, or during a ‘Review In-Situ Service’ appointment (see details below).

*Stain and Odour Corrective Treatments: works and costs can only be fully estimated, when the piece(s) arrive at our Magic Hand Ltd Rug Studios, where the customer is notified of this prior to collection. 'Testers' may also be applied beforehand, to assess the stain/odour penetration before any treatment works are undertaken. These works' duration and costs are relayed to the customer and only proceed with the customer's consent, and are not obligatory. Once the deep-wash rug cleaning process has begun, corrective treatments for stubborn stains and lingering odours are individually applied and then re-applied to 'lift' them further during the cleaning process.

RUG CLEANING WORKS AND COLLECTION BOOKING PROCEEDURE: All collections require 3-4 days advance notice in order to book the next available date in our rug collection & return delivery service schedule. Upon contacting us, the customer supplies their name, address, contact mobile and/or email address details and confirms the quantity and sizes of piece(s) to be collected for any requested cleaning and stain/odour corrective treatment works. We relay the cleaning price per square metre: (width x length (including fringes) = psqm) for the rug yarn type, and the collection & return delivery (C&RD) price: (individually assessed using post code, rug size and rug quantity details) to the customer. Customer pieces for works are then booked in for the next available rug collection date in our rug collection & return delivery service schedule. A text/email is sent to the customer, one day before collection, confirming the 1 to 2-hour rug collection time-slot. Piece(s) are then collected on that date from the customer’s address. Please note: the customer's go-ahead consent for our cleaning works service is automatically confirmed with the collection of booked piece(s) by us. Upon collection of booked pieces(s) for works, a receipt is given to the customer by the courier, detailing our standard rug cleaning prices psqm per rug yarn type, with a synopsis of our Conditions & Terms of Business overleaf. Collected pieces are taken to the Magic Hand Ltd Rug Studios, where they are measured, fully reviewed and assessed for agreed cleaning works. The customer is then notified by text of their rug(s) confirmed square-metre size, yarn type and subsequent cleaning cost (if different from customer details given at initial booking stage), whether any stain/odour treatments need to be applied (see above*), the time duration for works, and the C&RD service price, to add to their copy of the Magic Hand Ltd Receipt given at collection.

MASTER RUG CRAFTSMAN REVIEW IN-SITU SERVICE: customer appointments are booked in advance via a pre-paid call-out charge that is individually costed for the requested address. At the appointment, the pre-paid call-out charge invoice is given to the customer and our senior Master Rug Craftsman will then review and assess the in-situ rugs(s) needing our rug works and services. Here, a Magic Hand Ltd 'estimate' is given, listing any proposed works and valid for one month from date of issue. During the appointment ONLY: if rug works are agreed and pieces taken for our rug cleaning & stain corrective treatment services, and/or rug repairs, restoration, or alterations, and/or our certified Written Rug Valuation Service is required (see our More Rug Services page for this service), the collection service charge is deducted from the completed works Total to Pay, due at invoice stage. For any agreed rugs taken for works at the appointment: a Magic Hand Ltd 'receipt' is issued to the customer detailing the requested rug works & costs and the return delivery service cost and the piece(s) are then taken to the Magic Hand Ltd Rug Studios for works, at the appointment.

RUG WORKS INVOICE AND RETURN DELIVERY PROCEEDURE: in all instances, upon completion of rug cleaning and stain corrective treatment works at our Magic Hand Ltd Rug Studios, the customer is contacted and payment taken in advance of the return delivery, where the paid Magic Hand Ltd invoice and card payment receipt is attached to the pieces(s) to be returned. Confirmation of this processed payment guarantees a booked slot on the next available date for the return delivery of piece(s). All finished pieces are then carefully rolled, wrapped and secured in our protective plastic tubing, ready for return delivery. Please see our Collection & Return Delivery Services page for more information about this service we provide.

EXTRACTING OR FITTING PIECES COLLECTED OR RETURN DELIVERED: please note our company policy does not permit our couriers or third parties to move, lift or carry furniture or fittings, nor extract, nor fit collected/return delivered piece(s) for the customer, unless agreed with us in writing prior to any collection and/or the return delivery, where a Removal Charge will be liable for any such action.

Please review our full and most updated Rug Cleaning sizing details and rug collection procedure in our Conditions and Terms of Business also detailed at the bottom of this web page, which supercede the synopsis information detailed on a receipt.

There are no added 'middlemen costs', so we are able to give you the best price, with no hidden extra charges.

to book our cleaning works and services for your pieces TEXT: 07904 523 636 Alternatively, contact us using the details below, where we are happy to discuss your rug work needs and requirements and place your booking of piece(s) for collection.

With a wealth of more than a hundred years of rug expertise, knowledge and specialist skills, our wide range of award-winning Master Rug Craftsmen rug deep-wash cleaning, and stain and odour corrective treatment works and services are much in demand, where our valued customers can experience the good results. Our more prominent customers include: Royal Palaces, TV & Film Studios, Historic and Stately Homes, luxury hotels, prestigious retailers, a host of celebrities, as well as private rug collectors and specialist carpet dealers, worldwide.

Magic Hand Master Rug Craftsman specialist skills, expert care
Magic Hand Master Rug Craftsman specialist skills, expert care
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